3 Fun Grammar Activities

Learning grammar is no one’s favorite, especially if you imagine yourself spending sleepless nights staring at grammar books trying to figure out all those ungraspable rules. Where’s the fun in that?

But what if there’s a way to make practicing grammar actually enjoyable? Experienced teachers in an international English language school in California use numerous amusing grammar activities to motivate their students to memorize complex grammar rules. Here are some of them. Read on!

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What are some fun grammar activities?

Several stimulating grammar activities can make practicing grammar more pleasant for students. Check them out.

1. Role plays

Second-language learning research has indicated that role-plays have many benefits. They improve the learning environment, engage students, and enhance language acquisition. 

These activities must be carefully designed, and the topic should be relevant. Teachers can be facilitators, spectators, or participants, depending on the level of students. They should provide the appropriate language and correct errors cautiously. 

Role-playing adds variety, introduces a burst of energy into the classroom, and provides numerous opportunities for language production. Before getting down to business, the teacher should distribute cards with prompts students rely on while participating. Then the teacher should explain how the students can formulate their sentences. Finally, the teacher can encourage the students to relax and use their imagination.

Role-plays are usually done in pairs, but they can also be a whole class activity. 

2. Find someone who

Find someone who is a great activity that relaxes all students by encouraging communication. It requires students to implement all their language knowledge while conversing. 

This game is an excellent ice-breaker that teachers can use on the first day of a new class. But they are fantastic for practicing any grammar concept. Students get on their feet and interact with different classmates while working on specific aspects of the language. 

This is how it works. First, each student gets a copy of the question sheet with three columns (the question, the name of the student who answers “yes,” and an extra information column) and five to ten rows. Once everyone has their card, the teacher goes through each row and elicits the question the students need to ask to find someone whose name they can write in the name column. 

Then the teacher encourages the students to leave their desks and go around the classroom talking to as many people as possible until they come across someone whose name they can add to the name column. The students should also come up with their follow-up questions and jot down all unusual information in the extra information column. 

The teacher can take part in the game too. This will probably inspire the students to participate freely without worrying about making any mistakes.

3. Quizzes

Quizzes are another example of getting all of your students engaged. Like role-plays and find someone who, quizzes are versatile activities that can be used to practice any grammar rule. They can be done independently or in teams. 

If done in teams, they’ll stimulate cooperation among your students and help students improve their skills even more as they learn from each other. 

This activity is pretty simple. The teacher distributes question papers to students or asks the questions aloud. Teams get one point for every correct answer. The team with the most points is the winner. 

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