5 Tips on How to Avoid Grammar Mistakes

Have you noticed you make many grammar mistakes while practicing English in your California international English language school? They sometimes make you feel embarrassed, so you’ve been wondering how you can circumvent these unpleasant situations and stop sounding awkward once and for all?

Well, it’s a long journey. It actually takes a lot of effort and dedication to speak English correctly. But with the right approach, you’ll make fewer and fewer errors over time and feel proud of your progress. In the following article, we’ll discuss some fantastic advice on avoiding grammar mistakes. Read on!

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How do you avoid grammar mistakes?

Ready to master English grammar? Check out these excellent tips. 

1. Be familiar with grammar rules

Who likes going through thick grammar books? No one, right? But memorizing grammar rules is the first step to mastering the English language. 

You can’t expect to learn all grammar rules immediately, so you need a systematic approach. Start from the basics, then move on to more complex aspects of the language. It may seem excruciatingly dull, but there’s no other way. 

2. Practice makes it perfect 

Once you’re familiar with grammar rules, use them at every opportunity. You can practice grammar at home with various online fun games and activities. Just don't forget to check your answers. 

With this method, you can determine which concepts you understand and which aspects of the language still puzzle you.

3. Keep your sentences and constructions simple at first

Remember to start your sentences with the subject and use the active voice. Also, too many adjectives are unnecessary, so avoid wordy sentences that confuse your interlocutors. 

Once you have grammar rules at your fingertips, you can start experimenting with your sentences. Maybe you can jot your ideas down in a notebook and check them with your teacher.

4. Have a dictionary or a language learning app handy

You will probably think it’s tiring to resort to your dictionary every time you struggle to express yourself in a foreign language. But make sure to do it.  This way, you’ll speak more accurately and solidify your previous knowledge. 

5. Relax and don’t worry too much 

Inaccurate sentences are every learner’s worst nightmare as nobody wants to sound uneducated in front of native or non-native speakers. But being too concerned about them can increase your inhibition and make you more reluctant to speak in the target language. 

Thinking about mistakes and how to avoid them is crucial, but don’t let them hinder your progress. Do your best to follow the above tips and speak without being nervous about potential inaccuracies in your speech. 

Some slips will happen, that’s for sure. But, just remember, “to err is to be human,” and even natives go through this too. So enjoy the learning process with all the errors that may occur, as they’ll teach you how to grow even more.

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