About CEL

Our mission

CEL’s mission is to provide English language instruction and cultural enrichment experiences to speakers of other languages who want to improve their English skills for personal, professional, or academic reasons. Our educational programs take an integrated skills approach to language learning with a focus on communicative language teaching. We aim to establish a professional yet friendly atmosphere in our offices, common areas, and classrooms so that every student feels accepted into a friendly and supportive environment where learning can take place.


The College of English Language strives to guarantee the highest possible quality of services to our clients. In order to properly meet these standards, our services are regularly evaluated to meet accreditation requirements set by bodies such as the United States Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVIS). As an accredited institution, CEL is qualified to issue I-20’s to welcome students from all around the world with an F1 student visa.

What is an accreditation? And how do schools become accredited?

To be an accredited International English School, CEL must provide service of the highest quality. Our service is judged by standards set by a peer review board that consists of faculty members from various notable accredited colleges and universities. In order to maintain our accreditation, we must maintain a high quality of service.

The such observations are mainly focused on academics, however, other aspects are noted when schools are judged for quality. These include classes, teacher qualification, accommodation options, student welfare and the school’s overall management.

When selecting an English school to help you achieve your goals, it is important to make sure that you choose an institution that is reputable. Schools that have been through the accreditation process are guaranteed to provide the highest level of service to international students.

Commission of English Language Accreditation (CEA)

Commission of English Language Accreditation is a specialized accrediting agency which focuses on post-secondary intensive English Language programs and institutions. In order to obtain such accreditation through CEA, languages schools are provided with a systematic approach by which institutions are able to demonstrate their compliance through accepted standards, and continuous improvement throughout the school to assist us in providing an environment with the highest level of learning for all students. CEA is a recognized accreditor by the US Secretary of Education. In doing so, the US Secretary determines that the quality of education or training provided by the CEA accredited institute, is reliable and provides the highest level of education.


EnglishUSA is an American association of intensive English programs who was formally known as AAIEP. They assist English schools in providing and setting professional standards for all intensive English classes that are offered to students.

Centrala Studiestödsnämnden (CSN)

The Centrala Studiestödsnämnden is a student aid program that is only available to recognized institutions. A CSN approved institute, allows Swedish students to apply for financial aid that for their studies. The financial aid available includes both grants and loans to students in Sweden and abroad.


Bildungsurlaub is a German recognition scheme which is managed individually by the ministries of education in different federal states. This allows for schools to be recognized by different federal states. Language courses are a very common option for Bildungsurlaub, as it allows German employees to travel and advance their foreign language skills by taking part in a language course abroad.