From Japan to California: Learning English and Interning Abroad

Name: Miki Kodaira

Country: Japan

School: CEL San Diego

Hey, my name is Miki!  I’m 19-years-old and from Japan.  I have been at CEL San Diego since April 2018 studying English and working as an intern.

I have family in San Diego which is why I chose to study at CEL.  San Diego also has nice weather, I only saw it rain 4 times. My favorite place is Pacific Beach, it’s really a good place!  I like to go to The Baked Bear, they usually have a long line but their ice cream is really good. I also went to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park to see the sunset, it was beautiful!

I decided to study at a language school because I want to find an international job in the future and make friends from other countries.  I speak Tagalog, but it’s not enough for me, so that’s why I wanted to learn English. It’s more useful and cool!

At CEL I made international friends.  I enjoyed spending my free time meeting other people and learning new things at my internship.  My co-workers were really nice and helpful! They would encourage me to speak English and it really helped to improve my English skills.

My classes were awesome because the teachers are so nice.  They not only teach English, but they also teach about American culture and manners.  It’s something that’s really important for us because we’re international students.

I feel content knowing that the experiences, I would have otherwise not been able to gain in Japan, including those outside of school, would not go to waste.  Undoubtedly, I will not forget what my teacher has told me. I met at CEL a wonderful teacher who is Claire. She is different from other teachers, she is like part of my family!  If I have some problem, she will help me. She gave me peace of mind and I’m glad to have met her.

I also joined the volunteering activities and made a lot of international friends.  Some of our tasks at a nursing home included serving food to elderly and cleaning up after their meal.  Since I was working alongside other students at the volunteer site, I took this as an opportunity to make new friends.  After hanging out and getting to know them better, I made lifelong friends. It’s a good thing that I got to study at this school.  I love CEL! It changed my life and I’d love to go there again.