Top 5 Secrets to Improve Grammar at Home

How can I practice grammar at home?

There are many international English language courses in California specially designed to help you polish your skills. If you’re planning to start one soon, you’ll need someone to guide you in your English language learning mission. But did you know that if you want to master English, you’ll also need to practice independently within the comfort of your home?

So, how can you do it? Check out the article below as we share some home-based and fun ways to boost your grammar. Read on!

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How can I practice grammar at home?

If you’re wondering how to improve grammar at home, here are a few exciting ways to do it.

1. Be exposed to the language as much as possible.

Read books, watch TV shows, or listen to audiobooks in English. This way, you’ll subconsciously pick up the natural flow of the language and reinforce grammar rules effortlessly. 

Whenever you notice an unfamiliar construction, you can jot it down and check it in a grammar book or with your teacher. 

2. Write as much as possible.

Writing is one of the best ways to implement grammar rules and strengthen your understanding of the logic behind the language. It activates your entire knowledge and makes you think about what is grammatically acceptable. 

For example, you can keep a diary or send emails to your friends and family in English. This can spark your creativity, and you’ll definitely enjoy the process.

 Again, a reference grammar book is handy as you want to ensure you don’t use incorrect structures. 

3. Do online quizzes and exercises.

The Internet provides various exercises, quizzes, and audio materials you can use to practice different grammar rules. For instance, if you want to work on the difference between Past Simple and Past Continuous, you just need to type these words in the search engine, and you’ll get hundreds of different sites.

Strive to use only reliable resources that will give proper feedback. If in doubt, ask your teachers to recommend suitable English learning websites. 

4. Chat with your friends in English at every given opportunity.

Speaking as often as possible is another convenient way to perfect your grammar. If you and your friend share the same mother tongue, try not to use it so often. Instead, you can choose one part of the day when you should only talk in English and stick to it.

Also, while chatting with your native friends, ask them to correct you whenever possible. You’ll become aware of your mistakes and pay more attention next time.

5. Write down the most common mistakes you make. 

If you notice you keep repeating the same mistakes, maybe you can list them and hang them on the wall in your room. Whenever you go past the wall, you’ll cast a glance at the list, and eventually, you’ll become more self-aware and stop making these mistakes.

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