5 Tips to Stay Motivated to Learn English

How do I stay motivated to learn English?

Do you struggle to stay motivated to learn English? You’ve been taking California international English language courses for some time, and you feel like you’ve reached a point where you can’t force yourself to practice anymore. All these exercises exhaust you, no matter how fun they seem.

So how can you find the energy and motivation to keep working on your skills once you hit the wall? Here are some tips to help you. Read on!

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How do I stay motivated to learn English?

Motivation is the feeling of enthusiasm you have about doing something. So if you find it hard to open an English book at home or feel discouraged in your English classes, maybe it’s time to change your learning approach. Here is how.

1. Find a learning partner.

Studying with a friend can help you regain your interest in the language. For example, you can do the same exercises or read the same books and discuss what you’ve learned from them. Or you can complement each other’s language understanding and help each other with complex rules.

If you choose to work with a friend, you can also write emails to each other or chat in English whenever possible.

2. Remember your reason for learning the language.

Why did you start learning the language? Do you want to enter a college or need it for your career advancement? After practicing the language for some time, it’s easy to forget why you began learning it in the first place.

So, make sure to keep your goal in mind. And if you need to remind yourself why you commenced this journey, you can write some motivational notes and stick them above your desk. This will be like a driving force that will keep you pushing forward.

3. Find appropriate material.

There are numerous coursebooks and workbooks out there, so you must make sure you pick ones that suit your interests. 

You can also read your favorite books or watch TV shows in English. The right learning material is crucial as it’ll keep you engaged and mentally challenged while practicing English.

4. Think of English as a tool that will help you connect with others.

If you think English is just another boring subject at school you need to deal with, you’ll quickly lose motivation to focus on it. But, if you change your perspective and think of it as a way to share your experience with others, improve your general knowledge, or become familiar with a new culture, this can change how you feel about the language.

Memorizing grammar rules is just one side of the coin. As you learn the language, you’ll also get to know the culture and customs, especially if you’re in an English-speaking country.

5. Talk to your teacher.

No one can lift your spirits like a kind teacher. So if none of the above works, and you still feel demotivated and tired of English, your teachers can encourage you by highlighting your strong points and giving precise and logical guidelines on how to eliminate your weaknesses.

So, don’t feel shy. Always reach out and discuss what’s bothering you with someone who understands the complexity of the learning process.

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