Student Snapshot: Tamara Gasser

Hey, it is me Tamara!

I am 21 years old, born and raised in Lucerne, Switzerland. Currently, I am attending CEL in Downtown San Diego. My classes started in the beginning of July 2018 and I am going to stay in San Diego till the end of October 2018. In other words, I am here for 4 months.  Two years ago, I did a language stay in San Diego and totally fell in love with the city! This is the main reason why I came back. San Diego makes me feel comfortable with who I am and also gives me the opportunity of getting to know myself better. Staying with a host family allows me to experience American life with all its facets. Those facets do not only include the food but also events, for instance  baseball games (I highly recommend watching a game!)

At CEL, I am attending English classes in the morning and work as an intern in the afternoon. My day starts at 8am in the office. I manage some duties before my class starts at 8.45am. In class, we practice grammar as well as listening, writing and speaking skills. When class is over, I have my lunch break which I mostly enjoy in our student lounge. In the student lounge, I meet friends from other classes and I am able to catch up with them. I love the diversity at CEL! Students from all over the world meet in one place. Therefore, you learn about their culture and life on a daily basis. After lunch, I head back to the office and work for CEL. This mainly contains administrative duties like collecting feedback from students and evaluating them. My days at CEL end at 4pm. Usually, I meet up with friends and enjoy the rest of my day.

While planning my stay in San Diego, it was important to me to experience everyday work in the U.S. With the internship, I am given a diverse program. Besides learning English in classes, I am also using my language skills at work. Improving my English is my priority #1 and I believe I am on a good way to achieve my goals.

San Diego is a must-see and a must-do. The beautiful beaches, the diversity of restaurants and people, the warm days that end with a wonderful sunset… For me, San Diego is THE place to be! There is no dull day. I enjoy exploring places like Old Town or Chicano Park. Having my own wetsuit, I try to surf once a week. The feeling is just incredible! You might want to give it a try too. Moreover, there are so many cuisines to discover. From Mexican food (California burritos) to delicious sushi and of course awesome BBQ. Your stomach will never be bored, promised! Staying in San Diego is a great chance to meet people with different backgrounds. If you are ready for an adventure and yearning for a relaxed way of life, come to California and get to know San Diego. You will not regret it, promise!