Why Student Chooses CEL San Diego to Study English

Name: Hyewon Kim

Country: South Korea

School: CEL San Diego


Why did you choose CEL to study English?                                                                       

My agency introduced CEL to me. [They] said there were only 3 Koreans at the school, so I chose CEL because I didn’t want to speak Korean and meet Korean in the U.S.

What do you think makes San Diego a great place to learn English?

I don’t like cold weather, I like summer so I wanted to come to California because the weather is sunny and warm.  I read a magazine that introduced [me to] beautiful beaches in San Diego.  It said Americans wanted to live in one of the top 6 cities in the U.S. and San Diego was on the list

How was the process coming to CEL San Diego?

My mother’s friend worked in agency and he gave me information about California cities.  After that I chose San Diego and CEL.

How was your first day at CEL San Diego?

In orientation we learned school rules and then we toured Downtown – it was great!  I loved the activities teacher because she was very friendly and kind.  When I came to CEL I couldn’t speak English, but she helped and understand me.

What are your favorite things about the school?

My first favorite thing is conversation with international students. I wanted [to] make international friends and CEL has a lot of international students, so it’s helpful.  I came to CEL to learn English. So my second favorite is [the] level up test, because if I pass I can change to the next level and meet new friends and speak more fluently.  My favorite last thing is [the] vending machine in the student lounge, because If I’m hungry I don’t have to go market – it’s really nice!

What do you like about San Diego?

I like San Diego’s beaches, weather and food. San Diego Pacific Beach has white sand – it's very beautiful. I think the weather is perfect too. San Diego is close to Mexico, so there is a lot of Mexican food and I also like [the] American food. Here is paradise to me!

Would you recommend CEL San Diego to other students?

Yes, I would recommend CEL San Diego. If you come to CEL you can learn English, make new friends and have fun!