English Language Activities for Different Learning Styles

There are a couple of things you have to become familiar with before you can begin finding the right English language learning activities for your learning style. First and foremost, you have to discover how you learn languages. Then, you need to get serious with taking notes and implement a note-taking method that works for you

Only when you’ve completed all the prerequisites can you actually start immersing yourself in various activities for learning English that go well with your language learning style. Sure, experienced Los Angeles professors at English language courses can definitely help you find the right activities, but you should put in some effort of your own as well.

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Which language learning activities suit my learning style?

Different learning styles affect the methods and activities that work best for a student with a specific manner of learning. The most important category of learning styles for English language learners is the three of the four perceptual learning styles – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. 

That is why we’re going to focus only on those three learning styles, and present to you the tried-and-tested English learning methods to suit each of the four perceptual learning styles perfectly.

Visual learning style

Visual learners work best with various kinds of visual stimuli in the learning environment. For visual learners, a podcast of an audiobook is not going to be a good choice. Rather, you can try some of the following activities:

  • Write the names of various household items in English on post-it notes and spread them all around your home 
  • Watch one of the many online videos explaining various grammatical concepts of the English language.
  • Try to make vocabulary lists with drawings of each word alongside the actual word.
  • Try to make all your notes as colorful as possible, with each color corresponding to a certain category. 
  • Watch TV shows or movies with subtitles in English.
  • Watch as much of the news as possible in the English language. 
  • Focus on the way other people speak, mainly the physical aspects of it, like lip movements and facial expressions.
  • Read short and easy articles in English.

Auditory learning style

Auditory learners can capture plenty of important information just by listening to it. No need to watch or read, listening can often be quite enough for them. The most important consideration for auditory learners is to keep their materials simple in order to make the most out of them.

  • Watch TV shows and movies in English, but use subtitles in your native language until you become proficient enough to be able to understand the plot without subtitles.
  • Try to listen to as many podcasts as possible. Pay close attention to all the new words, but, if it’s happening too quickly for you, slow the speed of the podcast down in the beginning.
  • Music is also your friend. You’d be amazed at just how much vocabulary you can pick up on simply by listening to your favorite tunes in English.
  • Listen to native speakers talk and try to focus on the way they speak, on their intonation and the manner in which they pronounce words.
  • You can also try to record yourself as you speak, listen to it, and see if you notice any mistakes that you would need to correct.
  • Listen to audiobooks in the English language.
  • Speak English to as many people as you can.

Kinesthetic learning style

Kinesthetic learners don’t like being in the same spot for extended periods of time. They like to move about, so it’s only logical that their English learning would thrive if done through traveling. Here’s what you can to if you’re a kinesthetic learner:

  • Try to have either face-to-face chats with the natives, or talk to them via video calls. Also, make sure to tell them to correct you if you make mistakes.
  • Learn by doing practical things, such as ordering food or buying airplane tickets in English.
  • Whenever you need to learn about something in your day-to-day life, do that in English. For example, go online and search for whatever information you may need exclusively in English.
  • Change the language of your computer and phone to English. 
  • Try to get involved with native speakers and do various kinds of activities with them, such as eating out, hiking, biking, or anything else.
  • Employ many different learning methods as you can in order to keep things fresh for yourself. 

Who in Los Angeles offers the best English language courses?

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