English Plus Experience

With the English Plus Experience program, you can take language courses at CEL while gaining valuable experience in California. We match students with qualified organizations that are excited to share their culture and knowledge. You will also have the benefit of intensive English classes with our certified teachers to help you better your English before you start your experience program.

Course Avg. students/class Max. students/class F1 needed
English Plus Experience (full time) 7 12 Yes

Reasons to choose this course

  • You want to use your English skills in an actual office environment
  • You want to gain practical skills
  • You want to build your CV


  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be willing to integrate into a new work environment
  • Speak English at C1 level (If your English is not yet at this level, you can book an extended language course before starting your course)

The process

  • Step 1: Apply
    • Fill out an application
    • Send us your CV and cover letter
  • Step 2: Interview
    • Conduct a Skype interview with us in English so we can get to know you and your qualifications
  • Step 3: Prepare
    • Take a placement test if an additional language course recommended
    • Wait to hear if you are accepted while we search potential internship positions
  • Step 4: Arrive in California
    • Start your language course and workshops
    • Interview with potential companies
  • Step 5: Start your experience program!
    • Begin your educational experience at the company
    • Receive regular check-ins with the CEL team
    • Get a letter of recommendation after successful completion of program