English Plus Volunteering

Do good, and feel good while improving your English! Partner with local non-profit organizations alongside our regular English Courses at our school. Immerse yourself in helping the community and elevate your English.


We offer volunteer work with many different organizations and fields of interest. Find one that interests you. Check out some of the fields we have to offer:


  • Work with elderly San Diegans at Serving Seniors in Downtown San Diego and assist them with meals. Learn about their lives and rich history each resident holds through conversing with them. You get to practice your English with some locals.
  • Assist in improving communities with City of Refuge and sort and organize donations. Help out with setting up events for the community and immersing yourself in an alternative version of American Culture.


  • Get involved with the San Diego History Museum in world famous Balboa Park and learn about the city of San Diego while assisting visitors at the information booth. You will be able to meet many locals as well as visitors from all over the world. Here you can get a glimpse of San Diego history and culture. 
  • Work with Reading Legacies and assist individuals in achieving literacy with books and every day lives. Practice with individuals and build their confidence with reading. You may work with school-aged children and sometimes even adults.


  • Be an environmental hero and help clean up beaches in Pacific Beach. You can hang out at the beach afterwards and continue helping make the beach look nicer. Make a difference in San Diego’s efforts to keep the coast clean and continue making it one of the most beautiful places of the world.
  • Clear trails of debris and hazards with the San Diego River and Park Foundation. This opportunity allows you to get to know San Diego’s wilder side. Impact San Diego’s wildlife and nature.


  • Take part in providing water for runners at one of the many 5k Runs for charity hosted in San Diego. These runs occur throughout multiple times of the year and are high energy and exciting volunteering events. You’ll just want to GO GO GO at these events!
  •  You can also help out with cultural celebrations such as Film Festivals throughout the year. Get to know other cultures and celebrate their achievements. You can see bits of all the other cultures that mesh together to create the San Diego lifestyle.

And many many more...


Volunteering can occur 1 to 3 hours per week, depending on student & provider availability.   We have opportunities for short term students, however, many of the providers require 12+ weeks.  Some time for training and application may be required before volunteering so please be aware that it might take a few days or weeks to match each student with the type of volunteer work they are interested in.  Please keep in mind that the availability of volunteer opportunities will vary throughout the year. Some volunteer opportunities do not require a student visa, however most providers would prefer longer commitments and long term volunteering opportunities that exceed 3 months will require a student visa.

Application process

Individuals who are interested in the program are highly advised to plan at least 4 weeks in advance.  Students must complete a questionnaire with their application.  This will allow our team to match individuals with organizations and research current availability with our providers. Please keep in mind that long term stays are highly recommended as organizations prefer consistency and long commitments from volunteers. CVs are always recommended. Availability of volunteer opportunities will vary throughout the year and are recommended to students depending on availability.


Volunteers will receive a certificate of volunteering from the school which includes the program dates.

Main Points Course Type: 
Combine English with weekly volunteering
Available in different fields
Do good, feel good
Available in San Diego and Pacific Beach only