Learning English Quickly: Are There Any Grammar Cheats and Can I Do It at Home?

What is the easiest way to learn grammar

Ah, to learn English quickly, a dream of many an aspiring English learner. To improve speaking and fluency in a heartbeat, to master grammar in a jiffy, to expand vocabulary lickety split

Everybody wants shortcuts, understandable, but is it realistic? Can you really hasten your language learning, and can you even attempt to do it from the comfort of your own home, without going to an English school in Los Angeles, California? Well, let’s see.

What’s the easiest way to learn grammar?

Rather than tell you “Here are the top three easiest ways to learn grammar according to the Los Angeles Office of Education”, we’re going to begin with a questions, and a rhetorical one at that. Do you really have to be that good at grammar to speak fluently?

Yes and no. Don’t get us wrong, you have to know some grammar in order to become a competent speaker, but nobody says you have to be the master of all the nuances.

And, as for the grammar basics you have to know, and we really do mean it, have to know, to be able to hold your own in a conversation, there are a couple of pieces of advice we can share. We’re calling them steps, because it sounds better!

  • Step 1 - The hunt for resources! If you want to begin your grammar-learning journey the right way, first, collect the resources. And we don’t just mean books. Music, TV shows, movies, comic books… Find resources according to your own preferences!
  • Step 2 - Deal with the usuals. Once you’ve collected the resources, start eliminating the most common of mistakes. Before moving to more complicated matters, you have to stop mixing “by” and “buy”, right?
  • Step 3 - Have some patience. Yes, the basics of grammar can be dealt with quickly, but it does take more than just a couple of days. Don’t lose your drive, don’t despair, and, if it becomes overwhelming, you can always try an English language school in Los Angeles.

How can I think in English?

Thinking in English is a large part, no, scratch that, it’s a gigantic part of improving your speaking skills and quickening your language learning. When it comes to thinking in a foreign language, there are some tried-and-tested methods you can use.

  • Begin with single words - Every journey begins with a single step, and the road to long and ornate sentences in English begins with thinking about single words you use daily.
  • Think about your day - After mastering single words, start joining them into sentences about how your day went. Chances are, you probably know most of the words about your usual routine.
  • Imagine a conversation - It does get a bit schizophrenic at this point, but fret not, imagining that you’re speaking to somebody and acting out the entire conversation in your head is a sure way to set your mind to an English-thinking-and-speaking frequency!

Can I learn English at home?

When it comes to learning any language, English included, learning at home can have both good sides and bad sides. The questions is, which side wins?

What are the benefits of learning English at home?

To be completely honest, there are not many benefits of learning a language in the your humble abode, and what little benefits there are are mostly psychological. You’ll be in a familiar environment, you’ll probably be more relaxed, and you’ll be able do it whenever you feel like it. When it comes to other aspects…

What are the drawbacks of learning English at home?

As for the drawbacks, again, in all honesty, there are many. You have no other English learners to speak to, you have no guidance from a professional English teacher, you have limited resources, and limited possibilities.

Learning a language at home should not be a primary option, but rather an extension of your learning efforts channeled by a professional. You should continue learning at home, every day if possible, but you should also attend classes, so as to quicken and structure your efforts.

So, what is the best place for learning English in Los Angeles?

When it comes to the finest English language school Los Angeles offers, it’s most certainly the College of English Language. The classrooms are well-equipped, the atmosphere is fantastic, the teachers incredible, and the locations divine. What more could you ask for? So, next time you’re thinking about paying Universal Studios a visit, come to our school instead. Trust us, sightseeing is always better once you learn the language!