Homestay Pacific Beach

One of our many guest families

General Information

Single and double rooms
Average distance to CEL: 30 to 45 minutes by public transportation
Breakfast and dinner
Minimum age: 16 years
Starting price: 
from $290/week

Live like a local in the U.S. and immerse yourself in the American culture! Offering quality and affordability, homestays are one of our most popular accommodation for students of all ages. Host families are located throughout the city of San Diego and are eager to welcome international students with open arms. Benefits of a homestay include a safe and secure environment, practice speaking English every day and the opportunity of experiencing the American way of life.

Please review our CEL homestay guidelines.


Single and twin rooms
Twin room can be booked by one person – students will be sharing the room with a different person (same gender)
Most families offer free Wi-Fi
Private bathroom available at a surcharge (single room: $85/week, twin room: $50/week) - limited availability


Different parts of San Diego & Pacific Beach
Average distance to CEL: 30 to 45 minutes by public transportation
Maximum distance to CEL: 75 minutes by public transportation
Premium homestay (max. 35 min by public transportation, direct connection) at a surcharge of $100/week - limited availability


Linens and towels provided
Laundry can be done at most homestays

Arrival and departure

Check-in: before 22:00
No security deposit required

Ideal for students

Who want to live with an American family
Who want to practice English every day with native speakers
Students under 18