Our school in San Diego Downtown

CEL San Diego is located in the heart of Downtown close to lively Broadway. While attending classes at our English language school in San Diego, students are able to enjoy a variety of activities including sports, shopping, dining and art in America’s Finest City! The popular Horton Plaza shopping mall is within a few-minute walk from the school. Our proximity to the Gaslamp Quarter and Little Italy allows students to enjoy many outdoor events and experience the vibrancy of an American city. 

Students are able to enjoy free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, access to several computers for personal use or self-study and our spacious lounge with a small kitchenette with microwaves and lots of space to relax and mingle with their classmates from all around the world. To achieve maximum academic success at our San Diego English Language school, classes are kept small with an average of 6 - 7 students and a maximum of 12 students per class. We have 12 modern classrooms, equipped with the latest technology such as Smart TV’s and sound systems for easy audio-visual learning. Our staff is comprised of experienced teachers who are eager to support students achieve mastery of the English language. Interactive methods of teaching engage students in the learning process to help them communicate effectively and with confidence. Our Student Services, Admissions & Housing teams are always available on site and happy to help students with any inquiries. 

Our courses

Course Avg. students/class Max. students/class F1 needed Registration
General English 30 - GE30 7 12 Yes Apply now
General English
Course Avg. students/class Max. students/class F1 needed Registration
General English 20 - GE20 7 12 No Apply now
General English 23 - GE23 7 12 No Apply now
General English 24 - GE24 7 12 Yes Apply now
Private Lessons  
Course Avg. students/class Max. students/class F1 needed Registration
Private lessons 1 1 Apply now
English Plus Surfing 
Course Avg. students/class Max. students/class F1 needed Registration
General English 20 & Surfing (20 + 4) 7 12 No Apply now
General English 24 & Surfing (24 + 4) 7 12 Yes Apply now
General English 30 & Surfing (30 + 4) 7 12 Yes Apply now


Finding your feet in a new environment, especially if you come from another country, is an extremely stressful and life-changing experience. It’s difficult enough having to juggle all your academic responsibilities, even without the need to find adequate accommodation all on your own. It makes little difference if you’ve chosen our San Diego location or you’ve decided to learn English in Los Angeles, CA. In order to achieve foreign language finesse, you need to find a place you can call your own.

That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to give you a range of housing options we have deemed suitable, and let you choose the perfect one for you. It doesn’t matter if you want to adopt American culture to the fullest by choosing a host family, or you’d prefer to share a residence or an apartment with international students that have become your friends. We’ve thought of everything, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

We make our choice of adequate accommodation for our students based on three principles – cleanliness, comfort, and convenience. And you can be sure all the places for you to choose from fit the bill perfectly.


from $290/week
One of our many host families
  • Carefully selected families
  • Most families offer free Wifi
  • Avg. distance 30-45 minutes
Homestay San Diego


From $250/week
  • Quad rooms
  • Great location
  • 15 minute walk to CEL
Hostel San Diego

Our activities

San Diego – America’s finest city

San Diego is a great place to study english learning courses.
Known as America’s Finest City
Endless white sandy beaches
More than 300 days of sunshine per year
Second largest city in California
Vast array of international culinary
Close to Los Angeles and Las Vegas
Great nightlife


CEL San Diego
233 A Street, Suite 400, 4th floor
San Diego, CA 92101

+1 619 234 7466

+1 619 810 4445


8 a.m. until 4 p.m. (Pacific Time)

Course Prices

Does CEL have accreditation?

Have you decided to make your learning more exciting by joining an English school? That’s a wonderful idea! Learning English in a target-language environment is a highly efficient way to make this entire process easier and natural.

However, before signing up for just any ESL classes, make sure to check if your preferred school in San Diego has the necessary accreditation. This is extremely important because it demonstrates whether the school meets the required standard of education quality.

As for the College of English Language, our reliability, excellence, knowledge, and approach have been accredited by some of the leading bodies such as:

  • EnglishUSA
  • Bildungsurlaub
  • Quality English
  • Centrala Studiestödsnämnden (CSN)
  • Association of Language Travel Organizations (ALTO)
  • Commission of English Language Accreditation (CEA)
  • The United States Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVIS)

Which CEL location should I choose?

We offer our participants an opportunity to pick a location that they find most attractive, relaxing, or suitable for their needs. In addition to San Diego, you can join our outstanding CEL in Pacific Beach or opt for our engaging CEL in Los Angeles

However, are you wondering what exact location you should choose? Well, there’s a simple way to decide! Are you interested in learning more about the exciting Pacific Beach community? Or are you attracted to the vibe of the iconic city of San Diego? What kind of learning and travel experience would you like to have while in the U.S.?

Although it may seem difficult to decide, no matter what location you choose, you’re bound to have a memorable adventure. Of course, you can always count on our Admissions & Housing Coordinators to assist you in finding out which one of our schools is perfect for you!

Does the school support direct booking?

If you want to join the College of English Language in San Diego, there’s a simple way to do it. You can book your preferred English classes in San Diego through our easy-to-use online platform. Filling our application form is quite easy, especially if you already know everything you need, want and expect from your classes.

In fact, you can make a reservation in a few simple clicks and that’s it! Our time-saving process enables you to book with ease and then spend the rest of the time planning and preparing for your upcoming trip to the U.S. Of course, we’re always at your disposal for any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Is there an age requirement for courses?

To join our San Diego English school, you will need to meet certain age requirements:

  • Students older than 16:These participants can take part in our adult courses. So, if you’re 16 or older at the time of travel to San Diego, you’ll be able to join our adult courses with no more than 12 students.
  • Students younger than 16: If you aren’t 16 yet, then our diverse teen courses are just for you. These classes also accommodate 12 students at most and bring a dynamic environment, perfect for learning.

Is there an age requirement for housing?

As one of the foremost ESL schools in the area, we provide our students who come from all around the world with convenient, comfortable accommodation. You will have different housing options at your disposal, but you’ll need to meet a certain age criterion to apply.

  • Family host homes: Students who 16 or older can stay with a family in San Diego. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a native-speaking environment and get to know the locals’ way of life.
  • School accommodation: If you’re at least 18, you can sign up for one of our other housing options. This way, you’ll be able to get to know other participants and learn about different cultures.

Of course, our coordinating team is always available for any questions you may have regarding our accommodation arrangements and relevant requirements. We’re here for you!

Can we book as a group?

Have you and your friends decided to spend your winter or summer holiday exploring San Diego? Why not use this opportunity to learn English in a recognized ESL San Diego English school nearby? Here at the College of English Language, our students can book our interesting and engaging courses for their entire group.

By booking group classes at our inviting San Diego English school, not only will you be able to learn the language in a dynamic, immersive, and interactive environment, but you’ll also be able to share this exciting experience with your friends. So, make a group reservation with us and make learning fun!

What payment methods are accepted?

Have you researched our ESL school and decided to apply? Then, the next step is learning more about our payment methods. With us, you get total convenience when it comes to payment because you can do it fully online without any hassle or stress. Just make sure to have your student ID and an invoice number before transferring a payment.

Additionally, you are able to track your payment and keep up with the process. If any problem arises, you can reach out to a multilingual support team who will do their best to help you resolve the issue.

What are the perks of your online payment?

If you’re wondering whether our payment method is suitable for your needs, you should consider the advantages that it brings:

  • Convenience. Our online platform enables you to pay for your classes easily from your own home.
  • Great rates. There are no hidden charges with our online payments and you even get to pay in your currency.
  • Security. The platform we use is completely secure, so you will never have to worry about your personal data.

What is the application process?

San Diego offers a variety of opportunities for exploration, adventure, and socialization. So, joining our English school right in this city is bound to be a memorable experience. However, before you do so, you need to take your time to determine what your exact expectations are and how to make the most of your English-learning experience.

Important things to know before joining our school

To make sure our offer meets your needs, you should take some time to research your options and decide on a few important points. Not only will you have a more enjoyable experience, but you’ll also get exactly what you need. So, make sure to take these factors into account:

  • Type of course. Do you want to start learning English from scratch or would you like to sign up for our intensive English program in San Diego? Are you old enough to join our adult classes? Should you sign up for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level? These are all questions to consider before starting the application process.
  • Available campuses. Our students can choose among three campuses with us, so take the time to research which one will be suitable for you.
  • Housing options. Depending on your age, you’ll be able to sign up for different accommodation options. Of course, you should first decide whether you need arranged accommodation.
  • Course time & length. With us, you can pick either winter or summer courses that last for different periods of time. So, before applying for our ESL school, you should plan when you will come to San Diego.

Is there a certificate upon completion of the course?

Of course, there is! After completing a course at our English school, you’ll receive a certificate that will be a valuable form of recommendation. Our participation certificates will contain information about your course, including when and how long you attended our courses, the rate of your attendance, the level of English upon your graduation, and other important details.

What time should I get to the location?

After signing up for our English classes in San Diego, you need to start planning your visit. There are plenty of things to consider, but the time of arrival is one of the most important factors. In general, we advise our students to arrive at least several days prior to their courses. This allows you to settle down without any hurry, get acquainted with the environment and the city, and find everything you need for your classes.

Of course, how early you’ll be able to come to San Diego will depend on your personal and travel arrangements. The most important thing you need to do is check whether your passport, visa, and other documents are valid well in advance.

What extracurricular activities does CEL provide?

We’ll make your learning experience at our San Diego English school truly unforgettable because our program includes an array of outstanding activities. By combining in-class teaching and outdoor learning, we provide our students with interactive, engaging classes that enhance their knowledge of English while also helping them learn more about the target culture and local attractions.

So, get ready for visiting some of the most popular destinations in the area, including San Francisco, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, and more. Cycling, hiking, and group trips are also a part of our all-inclusive program, so you’re truly in for a treat. We guarantee a learning experience like no other, so get in touch with us today!

Average score: 4,79 / 5

No. evaluations: 778

There are many great teachers who can help your English improvement and a lot of people who come from different countries. It will be a great opportunity to speak English a lot. CEL will be the best school for you!
5.00 stars from
Great teachers, great staff, great courses and great location. Thanks to you guys I had a great summer in San Diego! Already looking forward to come back! Thanks for everything!
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