General English

The general English language courses are based on a curriculum designed to improve English language skills and achieve academic success. Students will gain confidence and fluency in reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary.


Course Avg. students/class Max. students/class F1 needed
General English 20 - GE20 7 12 No
General English 23 - GE23 7 12 No
General English 24 - GE24 7 12 Yes
General English 28 - GE28 7 12 Yes

The aim of the English courses at CEL is to improve your English level so that you are able to converse more easily with English speakers. Our English courses teach various language aspects such as communication, grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and vocabulary. Our small class sizes mean that lessons can be held in a relaxed manner and in a motivating environment, so that your needs are the priority. The experienced teachers at CEL will support you in achieving your personal learning goals. To ensure this is successful, they identify the strengths of each individual and adapt the lessons to their individual class. Learning a new language doesn't just mean working with a textbook. We use a variety of media, such as books, newspapers and magazines, videos and other audio files, so that you master the language at all levels. This also includes doing homework so that you can repeat the lesson material again at home and consolidate what you have learned.

Main Points Course Type: 
Small classes with an average of 7, max. 12 students/class
New courses for all levels starting every Monday
All levels from basic to advanced
Includes all aspect of the English language such as grammar, writing, listening and speaking