General English

General English language course

The general English language courses are based on a curriculum developed to help students improve their English language skills and achieve academic success. Students will gain confidence and fluency in the areas of reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary. CEL offers 6 levels of general English language courses. Small classes (no more than 12 students per class) ensure that students benefit from individualized attention as teachers cater class material to their personal learning style. New courses start every Monday and each lesson is 45 minutes long. The minimum age is 16 years.

Course Avg. students/class Max. students/class F1 needed
General English 20 - GE20 7 12 No
General English 23 - GE23 7 12 No
General English 24 - GE24 7 12 Yes
General English 30 - GE30 7 12 Yes

Reasons to choose this language course

  • You want to improve your general English skills
  • You want to develop your fluency and gain confidence in speaking
  • You don’t need to take a specific exam

What to expect from this language course: 

The objective of general English courses at CEL is to improve students’ level of English, which will enable them to communicate more effectively. Our courses teach different language skills including conversational English, grammar, reading, listening, comprehensive writing and vocabulary. Classes are kept small (no more than 12 students per class) and offer a relaxed and fun environment where students’ needs are the center of attention.  

CEL’s English language teachers are trained, experienced and eager to support international students achieve their academic language goals. They will evaluate your strengths and tailor class content to enhance your strengths and improve your overall skills.

Learning a language entails more than just studying off of a book. Students use a variety of tools like books, newspapers, magazines, videos and audio to acquire language mastery. Teachers will give out some homework every day to practice the material covered in class.

Our levels

We offer a total of 6 levels here at College of English Language. Please find the levels below: 

Level at CEL Levels based on CEFR Course guide per level Duration in weeks
Basic A A1 Download PDF 9 weeks
Basic B A2 Download PDF 8 weeks
Intermediate A B1 Download PDF 9 weeks
Intermediate B B2 Download PDF 9 weeks
Advanced A C1 Download PDF 10 weeks
Advanced B C2 Download PDF 8 weeks
Main Points Course Type: 
New courses start every Monday
Small classes with an average of 7, max. of 12 students per class
All levels from basic to advanced
Covers all aspects incl. grammar, writing, speaking, listening and pronunciation
Minimum age: 16 years