What Are the Benefits of Going to an English Language School?

Why should I go to an English language school

So, you’re thinking of going to an English language school, but you’re not sure how to choose the best language school for you? Perhaps you’re having trouble learning about what modal verbs are, or how many modal verbs there are?

Whatever it is, if you’re experiencing difficulties in your language-learning efforts, attending classes at an English language school in San Diego, CA is a great idea. But, if you’re still in two minds, here’s why going to a language school is highly beneficial.

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Why should I go to an English language school?

We’re not saying you can’t do it alone - we’re sure you could. However, it would not only take you longer, but it wouldn’t be as fun. There’s a reason why students are in classes in the California Department of Education school system, and, well, all around the world. Now, let’s see why it’s a good idea to go to a language school:

  1. Motivation - When you’re on your own, you can easily get discouraged if something isn’t going according to plan. However, at a language school, the entire class is in it together and you have your fellow combatants to help you in your struggles. 
  2. Spot - There’s no escape when you’re in a class and you have to be quick on your feet when placed on the spot. If a classmate or a teacher asks you a question, you have to answer it immediately. You can’t take a moment to ponder your answer, which greatly improves the spontaneous and quick use of your language knowledge.
  3. Feedback - You won’t have to beat your head thinking about whether something you’ve said or written is correct or not. You’ll get instant feedback from your teacher, or, sometimes, from your classmates as well.
  4. Use - Yes, you’ll probably learn a lot about grammar and vocabulary at a language school, but, more importantly, you’ll learn how to really use the language. You’ll do simulations, debates, role-plays, presentations… Soon, you’ll master these real-world language skills.
  5. Confidence - Learning a language in a class, alongside other students, means you’re able to interact organically with others in a foreign language, which greatly boosts your confidence for a real-life uncharted adventure in a foreign language.
  6. Fun - Lastly, learning with others is a lot more fun than learning on your own. You’re guaranteed good laughs and a pleasant atmosphere, which goes a long way when trying to learn a language from scratch. 

What are the benefits of going to an English language school?

Now when you know why you should definitely consider going to an English language school, it’s time to see what exactly you’ll be getting if you do decide to enroll.

  1. Teachers - There’s no replacing language teachers. They’re there to help you learn better, faster, and with more confidence. They will show you what to learn and how to learn it, and they won’t allow you to fail!
  2. Organization - With teachers comes lesson organization. It’s one thing trying to learn a language through a series of unstructured individual efforts and a completely other thing trying to do the same through a string of meticulously planned activities. 
  3. Resources - Again, we have to go back to teachers, the unsung heroes of language learning. They have resources that you simply wouldn’t even look for or employ. Plus, all the resources at teachers’ disposal are there for a single purpose - teaching you English!
  4. Goals - Finally, although it might sound a bit silly, language schools ooze a learning atmosphere. When you’re trying to learn a language on your own at home, you can get easily distracted. On the other hand, when you enter a language school, you know you’re there with a goal, and that goal is learning English. 

“What is a good school of English language in San Diego I could go to?”

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