How to Improve Spelling in English

Do you want to master your English language skills because you want to enroll in a famous college? Of course, you do. That would be the fulfillment of your dreams! That’s why you have worked so hard on honing your speaking skills, right? But what about your spelling? Have you noticed it is not as good as it should be? So, you may ask yourself how you can improve your writing style when you can’t even spell all the words correctly.

Well, the truth is, students all around the world find English spelling particularly intricate. There are logical reasons behind this. Keep reading to discover why your spelling may be bad and what your English teacher can do to help you improve it!

What causes poor spelling?

Poor spelling is a common problem many ESL/EFL students face. There are three main reasons for this. Let’s see what they are: 

  1. English abounds with irregularities, homophones, homonyms, and homographs which can be rather confusing for students. Also, according to some research, double letters, silent letters, and numerous vowel combinations can cause a lot of trouble to students across the globe. 
  2. The interference of the native language is another reason. For instance, Spanish students usually find vowel sounds particularly challenging as Spanish has a static vowel pronunciation system. 
  3. Unequal devotion of time is also common. Practicing spelling seems boring and tiring. So some students may only focus on improving their speaking, pushing writing and spelling aside. This can lead to an unbridgeable discrepancy between writing and speaking skills. To avoid being in this situation, students should work on all English language skills equally. 

How do you help students who struggle with spelling?

Students who need to improve their spelling can’t just spend all day practicing and repeating problematic words. That would be too overwhelming. Instead, they need a systematic approach and all the help they can get from their teachers. 

Let’s look at ways teachers can assist students in overcoming their spelling obstacles:

  1. Teachers can put up posters with clearly written or printed words around the classroom to stimulate word recognition and reinforce spelling.
  2. Teachers can have regular reading sessions with the students. They can use storytelling, a tried-on teaching method, and stimulate students not only to read and listen to a story but also to write down their own alternate endings, for instance. This way, students will express their creativity and practice spelling numerous words.  
  3. Teachers can introduce mnemonics, a great memory-improving strategy. For example, to learn the spelling of the word accommodation, students can try to remember that this word has two children (two letters c), two mommies (two letters m), and one daddy (one letter d). Or, even better,  teachers can encourage students to come up with their own associations. 
  4. Teachers can also use fun games, such as quizzes, the hangman, or word chains, to motivate students to focus on their spelling. Students will have a fabulous time and learn a lot along the way. 

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