How to Choose the Right English Language School

How to choose English language school

Learning a new language can be a daunting task, and finding the best English school San Diego can offer is not only the first step, it is the most essential step. The school needs to fit your reasons for learning English in San Diego, and you have to know which questions to ask before choosing an English language school in your area. The perfect English language courses are those that suit you. But, let’s take it back to the beginning, and see how to choose an English language school that is completely right for you and your needs.

Types of courses the school offers

In order to begin solving the “how to choose English language school” dilemma, you first need to determine why exactly you’re learning a language, and go from there. English language courses come in all shapes and sizes, from IELTS, SAT, and TOEFL preparation courses, to general and conversation courses. Choose your style, and then find a school that can offer you the type of language learning you desire.

Stellar staff means stellar results

Choosing the school that holds adequate courses means little if the teachers in charge of those courses are insufficiently versed in them. So, once you settle on the type of English learning you want, try and find a school that employs the best experts in that field. Although you might think it all comes down to teaching English, it’s actually a bit more complicated than that. Prepping students for the IELTS exam is rather different than prepping students for the SAT exam. Ask around, and find out whose students achieve great results. That is the person you want to work with.

Class size is very, very important

The rule of thumb is this – if you don’t know how to choose English language school, choose the one with the smallest classes. OK, this is overly simplified, but it’s surprisingly true. You cannot expect excellent results if you’re in a class of thirty students. More students in a class means less attention paid to each individual student. Every student is different, has different learning methods and preferences, and every teacher needs to consider that in order to employ good teaching practice. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do so in large classes.

Location plays a major role in how to choose English language school

To be completely honest, location is not as important as class size or the expertise of the teaching staff, as it is sometimes necessary to literally go the extra mile if you want to attend the finest English language school. However, if you’re already searching for a language school, why not find one that has everything you want and need, plus is conveniently located just a couple of blocks away from your humble abode? Certainly a big tick in the “pro” column.

Great English language schools also take care of student accommodation

Speaking of humble abodes, we have to take another aspect into account – most English language students come from foreign countries, and how to choose English language school is only one part of their problems. They need cozy accommodation as well. So, try to find a language school that takes will help you find a place to stay during your studies. Whether it’s host family, or you have a couple of friends you’d like to share an apartment with, a great language school should be able to present convenient options for you to choose from.

Carefully read student reviews

Nothing can substitute for first-hand experience. Except, maybe, honest experiences from other people who have already attended the language school you are considering enrolling into. Their opinions can greatly help you with how to choose English language school. However, do try to find an independent source of reviews, as testimonials on official websites can often be moderated by the school. is an amazing place where students post genuine reviews, and the go-to location for many school-searchers.

Don’t forget about the facilities and amenities

Language learning is a field that is constantly changing, and a good language school is able to keep up with all the latest trends. Besides employing experienced teachers who don’t shy away from using, for example, modern technologies in their teaching efforts, the school has to have the capability to adequately employ these trends.

And, it is completely fine to want some comfort while engaged in your language studies. If you’d like the possibility to make some tea or coffee while at school, or be able to use their free Wi-Fi while sitting in the lounge, then go for it, and find a school that offers it all.

Consider the price. Or, better yet, don’t

Yes, unfortunately, we have to talk money. We all have to mind the budget every day, and we know just how excruciating it can be to find the perfect English language school for you, only to see that it’s too pricey… It sucks! However, if you can, stretch the budget, bend it, do everything you can to try and make it work. You don’t start learning a new language every day, and you should do all in your power to make sure you’ll be learning it in a school of your dreams.

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