7 Tips to Improve Your Grammar Skills

When someone mentions grammar, you probably shiver with unease. This is because you imagine yourself spending sleepless nights staring at numerous grammar books, trying to comprehend how to use the language accurately.

Learning grammar can be challenging indeed, as languages have different, sometimes incomparable rules governing word and sentence formation. And you might feel lost when faced with the abundance of the information.

If you find yourself struggling with English grammar, you can always search for a California-based English language course to help you out. These courses are specially designed to assist students to overcome their difficulties while learning a language. 

However, to become more confident while speaking, listening, and writing in English, you need to invest a little bit of additional effort. You need to practice grammar at every given opportunity, both during your course and in your free time. Keep reading to learn how you can sharpen your grammar skills! 

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How do you practice grammar?

In order to perfect your grammar, you need to study hard, no one denies it. However, there is no point in just memorizing rules without implementing them. If you want to become more proficient in your target language, you need to activate your knowledge and start using it regularly. 

Here are some efficient ways to do it. 

  1. Read a lot. Reading is the best way to be exposed to a rich and wide vocabulary and grammar. As you read, you slowly absorb sentence structures. It’s like studying without realizing it! 
  2. Write. It is also a fantastic way to practice. It allows you more time to think than talking, so you can experiment with different structures, synonyms, and new, interesting ways of expressing the same ideas in alternative ways.  
  3. Get a grammar app. There are numerous reliable apps you can download on your smartphone. You can use them while commuting, for instance. 
  4. Listen to podcasts or watch TV in English as much as possible. Again, you will be exposed to the language and its various structures. You can write down interesting phrases, constructions, and words. So, it is a great idea to have a notebook handy. 
  5. Be disciplined. The Internet abounds with different grammar exercises you can do daily. Just make sure to use reliable websites that won’t lead you astray. Or you can buy workbooks and practice in this way.
  6. Communicate with people in English as much as possible. This way might seem terrifying, especially if you are a newbie, but it is the best way. You might feel awkward at first because you will be out of your comfort zone. But soon you will start thinking in the target language, and it is an amazing feeling! 
  7. Understand the logic behind the language. To properly use the language, you must be aware of five elements of grammar, understand key grammar rules, and bear in mind that there are 10 parts of speech in English.  When in doubt, reference your favorite grammar book or ask a teacher. This way you will solidify your grammar building blocks. 

Where in California can I attend a comprehensive English course?

Acquiring a second language is not particularly straightforward, especially when it comes to grammar. Because of this, students need proper guidance and appropriate support in their learning process. Here at the College of English Language, we have a team of certified teachers who are ready to help each student become more self-assured in a new language environment. Our classes are small (up to 12 students per class) and each student gets a chance to grow. 

Check out our school locations in San Diego, Pacific Beach, and Los Angeles or book our online courses from the comfort of your home. Grab this unique opportunity to get a tailored English language experience!   




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