3 Big Reasons to Start Taking Notes When Learning English

what is the purpose of taking notes

You’d think that with all this online learning, note-taking while trying to pick up some English would be a thing of the past? Well, no, it’s still essential to all learning endeavors. You need to learn how to take notes efficiently, no matter what your language learning style is, and no matter what kind of language learning activities you prefer. 

But, we also understand your skepticism… Sitting down with a piece of paper and a pen of choice does sound like something from the dark ages. Know that methods can differ, but that you still need to take notes, be it online or at a language school in Los Angeles, CA. Let’s see why. 

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What is the purpose of taking notes?

It’s time to shed some light on why note-taking is not, and will not ever be a thing of the past. Sorry, don’t mean to sound too harsh, but this just goes to show just how essential taking notes actually is in all learning endeavors, learning English included. 

There are three main reasons why taking notes is not only a good, but an excellent way to ease your language learning efforts:

  1. Concentration - When you’re actively taking notes, you’re preventing your mind from wandering about the dark corners of your consciousness aimlessly, and you’re keeping yourself as focused as possible on the task at hand. 
  2. Memory - No matter how good your memory actually is, it’s not perfect, and it can rarely be. Even photographic memory is not what it sounds like. Enter note taking - an easy way to help you remember all of the most important things long after the lesson.
  3. Organization - As you keep on note-taking, your skills improve, and you’ll start doing a lot better job of it in terms of organization. The ways you organize notes as you’re taking them will help you organize your language learning efforts further down the line. 

What are the benefits of taking notes when learning English?

Similar to the three big reasons why choosing to take notes is a great idea, there are also three main, but kid of obscure, benefits to taking notes when trying to learn English:

  1. Less stress - There’s something soothing about holding a pencil in hand, and engaging your mind on a task that is essential, and, yet, transcendental. Perhaps going a bit far, but trust us, scribbling down notes will calm your mind.
  2. Alertness - When you're actively engaged in the process of learning by jotting down notes, it means you’re, first, paying close attention to what’s going on, and, second, constantly deciding what to write down. And this keeps you and your mind alert.
  3. Easy to-dos - Finally, a big benefit that is of a practical, not psychological, nature. When you get home and take a look at your notes, you’ll find it easy to create your own English-learning to-dos that will greatly help your learning.

Is taking notes necessary?

On the one hand, no, taking notes is in no way necessary. It’s not as if there’s a note-non-takers’ detention where all those who refuse to write down bits and pieces of information end up in. Nobody’s forcing you to take notes, so you’re off the hook.

But, on the other hand, note-taking is quite prudent, if not strictly necessary. As we’ve mentioned, taking notes while learning English can really help you learn the language in a faster and easier way, so you should definitely think about doing so.

So, to give a definite answer to the questions - You do not have to take notes, as there are no rules about it, but you need to consider doing so, because the benefits far outweigh the initial effort you need to put into it.

“OK, I’ll take notes, but what should be my go-to private language school in Los Angeles, CA?”

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